Day 2 Welcome Back

October 8, 2021, 1:00 pm -
1:05 pm
Welcome to Day 2. Let’s get started!

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Session Description

Welcome back! Tune in for a kickoff with Tamron Hall, who will re-center and reinvigorate our conversations for the day. On Day 2, we will dive into a panel discussion on cancer care disparities with patient advocates before moving into cancer-specific discussions with leading physician-scientists. CRI ImmunoAdvocates Sharon Belvin (melanoma) and Oswald Peterson (lung cancer) join Brian Brewer of the Cancer Research Institute to moderate our Day 2 breakout sessions. Don’t miss your opportunity to “ask the expert” and hear about the latest in treatment advances for your specific area of interest. These expert-led sessions are open to all attendees, so feel free to join more than one conversation.


Session Transcript

Tamron Hall: Hello and Welcome to day two of the 2021 Cancer Research Institute Virtual Immunotherapy Patient Summit. I’m Tamron Hall, and it’s my honor to help share this important information with you today. After day one’s talks on the basics of the immune system and cancer and clinical trials, I bet you’re ready to take a deep dive on how immunotherapy is helping patients with the cancer you are most interested in. Our entire program will be made available for you to watch at your convenience on demand, so don’t worry if you missed our previous segments. Before we dig into the latest research advances, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge our sponsors, whose generous support has made it possible for CRI to offer this program to you free of charge, and if you’re like me and you like to share experiences on social media, please be sure to use the hashtag #CRIsummit when talking about today’s program. This is your chance to connect with our immunotherapy experts and ask them your questions, so please leave them in our Q&A box throughout today’s program. Their bios are linked above if you want to learn more about them. We’re very grateful that they’ve volunteered their time and expertise to help you understand this new way to treat cancer. After our panel discussions about disparities in cancer care, we’ll be focusing on specific cancers in smaller, more intimate sessions designed to answer your questions on cancers of bladder, breast, lung, ovaries and prostate, as well as the type of skin cancer called melanoma. You’re welcome to sit in on all of the sessions today, whether you registered for them or not, or if you prefer, come back when it’s time for your session to start. We will be here. All right, let’s get going.


Tamron Hall

Award-Winning TV Host, Journalist, Executive Producer, and Philanthropist

Tamron Hall is an award-winning TV host, journalist and philanthropist. She is the host and executive producer of the daytime television show “Tamron Hall,” which is produced and distributed in national syndication by Walt Disney Television. For her work on the show’s first season, Tamron won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host. “Tamron Hall” was also awarded the prestigious Gracie Award in its first season, which recognizes exemplary programming created by women.

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We are excited to announce that videos from our 2021 Cancer Research Institute (CRI) Virtual Immunotherapy Patient Summit are now available to view on demand.

The on-demand videos can be found on each session page from the agenda.