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Pancreatic Cancer Immunotherapy

November 12, 2022, 4:55 pm -
5:25 pm
New potential in pancreatic cancer

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Robert H. Vonderheide, MD, DPhil

University of Pennsylvania Health System

Robert H. Vonderheide, MD, DPhil, is Director of the Abramson Cancer Center, Vice Dean of Cancer Programs for the Perelman School of Medicine, and Vice President for Cancer Programs at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Dr. Vonderheide is a distinguished laboratory scientist, clinician, and cancer leader who has deciphered mechanisms of cancer immune surveillance and developed novel cancer immunotherapies such as CD40 agonists with a particular focus on pancreatic cancer. He is an expert in the use of genetic mouse models of cancer and a leading architect of immunotherapy clinical trials to understand mechanisms and advance novel therapies. At Penn, Dr. Vonderheide has helped create Penn Medicine’s Immune Health® program for immuno-profiling. Funded by the NCI, SU2C-Lustgarten Foundation, and the Parker Institute, Dr. Vonderheide has published senior author manuscripts in Nature, Nature Medicine, Science, Lancet Oncology, and the New England Journal of Medicine. Nationally, Dr. Vonderheide is an elected member of ASCI and AAP, serves on the NCI Board of Scientific Advisers, is a member of the boards of directors for American Association of Cancer Research, American Association of Cancer Institutes, and National Comprehensive Cancer Network.