In March 2012, Barry was diagnosed with advanced stage 3B non-small cell lung cancer and told he had months to live. He was already familiar with the radiation and chemotherapy that his initial treatment regimen included as he had watched and cared for many family members, including his mother, over the years. He experienced debilitating side effects, such as neuropathy, that confined him to his bed. In October 2013, Barry learned about an immunotherapy clinical trial using an immune checkpoint inhibitor, pembrolizumab (Keytruda®). After the first infusion, he immediately felt that the drug was working. After the third infusion, scans revealed that the tumors had shrunk by 25 percent. After two years on the clinical trial, his cancer remained progression-free, and he was able to actively enjoy his life again. In February 2021, Barry celebrated his five-year treatment-free anniversary. He lives his life with renewed faith and dedication to paying it forward through patient advocacy and volunteer work as a CRI ImmunoAdvocate.