In 2016, Michaela gifted herself with an appointment with a genetic counselor to gain insight into why so many of her family members had been diagnosed and subsequently died of cancer. The genetic counselor found she has Lynch syndrome, an inherited mutation that leads to cancers of the colon and uterus at an early age. Two months later, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and given 1-2 years to live. Michaela and her family did not accept this prognosis and, armed with their knowledge of Lynch syndrome, found an immunotherapy clinical trial of pembrolizumb (Keytruda®). After roughly one year on the trial, she has no trace of cancer in her colon. Today, Michaela introduces herself as a Mother Warrior Cancer Survivor: the first survivor in three generations on her mother’s Isleta Pueblo bloodline. She is proud to be a CRI ImmunoAdvocate and help others by sharing her story.